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Resistance Retribution Review

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 Resistance Retribution Review  Empty Resistance Retribution Review

Post by Mr007 on Wed Dec 29, 2010 10:55 pm

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Resistance Retribution is probably the most anticipated third person shooter release of this year. Bend promised not to disappoint and they didn't!! If they made lager it would probably be the best in the world...! Wink Whetting our appetites with constant coverage of gameplay and development both in the media and on the net. Creating more interest for die hard fans playing the online demo which is available exclusively through the playstationstore.

This game can be purchased at all good game stores in the uk and also downloaded through the playstationstore at a cost of £24.99. Collectors edition which includes exclusive content, 4 art cards and special slip case. Price varies from retailers.

The game take place in an alternate history, and like all good Sci-Fi plots has aliens, abduction and conversion, freeeeky! technology and an arrange of firepower unlike no other seen on a hand held game. Our hero ex ROYAL (des..!)marine, James Grayson, is an unlikely one. Marred by his lack of respect for authority and abounding guilt at the death of his brother. Clinging on to his rememberance through his brothers leather jacket, which he always wears and becomes his trademark.

He killed his brother

Threatened by his impending death Grayson has a tough choice to make. Join the French resistance Maquis, or die. What would you choose? Grayson goes to the ruins of Rotterdam to head the resistance and to destroy the conversion centres. Making his way ultimately to Paris, in his quest to rid the world of the Chimera-the aliens who have come to destroy mankind.

First observations of the game are that the environments are smooth and detailed. These range from open spaces to tight corridors, mixing real-life with fantasy. My personal favourite are the tunnels within the conversion centres. They are so detailed and lifelike with their lighting effects.
Bend's animations are seamless and the framerate is spot on. I played this game through my 3000 as with my 1000 unit there was some ghosting. However this does not affect the overall game play but it is a criticism albeit of the psp and not the game.

The action is non stop from the off as you ward off hoards of multiple enemies that the Chimera forces throw at you. These range from Boilers (big heads) to Hybrids and Titans. Your only comfort at times is the autoaim function which allows you to take out multiple enemies with ease. Once the game is completed for a tougher experience this can be removed. The weapons are a mixture of alien technology - the Razor - and standard issue firearms such as the .303 Storm Rifle.

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Each level is broken up into bite-size chunks, easily transferred to the psp's format. The only bugbear is that you can't save the game at individual scenarios checkpoints. This can be remedied by putting the psp into sleep mode but make sure you have plenty of battery power. :mad:
A game suitable for beginners and the more advanced shooter as the controls are mapped to the psp's analogue stick and face buttons, giving the option of two controller modes - standard and alternative.
What makes this game stand out from any other is the unbelievable on-line game play. Very Happy Making this title for any resistance 'crazy head' last for months!!!
On-line battles consist of free for all, team death match, capture the flag, containment and assimilation. Up your rank and obtain medals with the innovative ranking system. Make friends' and chat.

Overall the multi-player experience runs alongside the adventure in terms of fun and really extends the life of Resistance Retribution.
Add to this infection mode which is available to ps3 owners of the Resistance 2 title, infect your psp through system link to unlock extra content and enable unique six axis controller mode.

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It really is my favourite game at the moment on psp. What do you guys and gals reckon? :p I score this game an overall mark of 9/10
With the only criticism being unable to save the game at strategic points, the cheesy one-liners and overall B movie style storyline. But this definitely is my choice of cheese! :eek:

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YouTube - Resistance Retribution Story Trailer

Gametrailers.com - Resistance: Retribution - Overstrike Gameplay Montage

Resistance Retribution PSP Assimilation Mode Video Gameplay Trailer from GameVideos

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