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Zombie Tycoon (mini) review

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 Zombie Tycoon (mini) review  Empty Zombie Tycoon (mini) review

Post by Mr007 on Wed Dec 29, 2010 10:53 pm

[SIZE="6"]Zombie Tycoon Review[/SIZE]

Being a mini, this game was only a few dollars ($8.45 for me).
But it was definitely worth it.
It turns the average tycoon game into a zombie game (thus, the name).

Now, before you start thinking. 'Wow, really. Zombies on roller coasters' think again.
It's really like nothing you've seen before.

The story basically involves a mad scientist. And how he develops a liquid that can raise the dead. After trying it on his associate, nothing happens. So he decides to take a sip - thus becoming the first zombie.
Then his other associate - just as evil as him - decides to use the liquid to create a massive horde of zombies. Seeking world domination .... zombie style.

The graphics are all right, as you'll see in the pictures. It's lots of fun watching the different styles of humans, from chainsaw toting civilians to businessmen. It's all there.

The game play is the highlight! It's original, and heaps of fun!
Along with achievements, which vary from style and difficulty, there's my favorite part of the game (other then killing people >Very Happy). Dressing up your zombies.
There are so many different types of costumes that you can put on your horde. And some of the achievements involve dressing them as certain people (such as a farmer).

The sounds are also excellent. The zombies eating your brains (that you placed there) are really good. Also the different screams and such that come from around the map.

Overall, my score would probably be:
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 6/10
Game play: 9/10
Overall: 9/10

It's a great game, and I'm currently stuck on the third level.
I highly recommend this for everyone; it doesn't have too much violence and is lots of fun for both men and women alike!

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