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Corporations moving bases overseas

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Corporations moving bases overseas Empty Corporations moving bases overseas

Post by l0ve0fevil on Sun Jul 17, 2011 2:56 pm

I have reservations about the Fair Tax as it is being outlined now. Some questions:

1. Taxpayers wouldn't be paying for their own Social Security or Medicare, that would be included somehow in the government tax plan. But, that seems to me to be very risky since whatever administration was currently in the White House, could make changes as they chose to. Does anyone besides me see this?

2. Who will keep people, and businesses honest if there is no IRS? There would have to be an oversight group of some kind. And how much could you trust that?

3. On 2020 this evening, the discussion was on the corporations moving their bases overseas, many to Ireland. I wasn't aware there were so many, including the top pharmaceutical companies, GE and Google. It's a tax loophole of enormous proportions. If the Fair Tax became law, how many more would move bases overseas, or would they just find more loopholes?

I'm sure many people have more viable questions.

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