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AOR: Anteater's Guide To The Best Of 80's Melodic Rock

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AOR: Anteater's Guide To The Best Of 80's Melodic Rock

Post by Mr007 on Sun Mar 06, 2011 12:38 am

Anteater Presents:
10+ Essential 80's Melodic Rock Albums For The Curious Chimp[/SIZE]

[SIZE="3"]Yeah, I know what most people think about 80's rock. "Gay", "Wimpy", "Overproduced" etc. What if were to tell you that, just like any other genre, there were gems and cult classics on par with any of your favorite records? What if I told you that even a few of those forever-hated well known arena rock albums were actually better than their reputations would tell you? Would you believe me?

On that inquisitive note, welcome, biased and nonbiased ladies and gents alike, to a relatively short review-by-review look into the psyche of 80's rock and 10 or so albums that are a cut above the rest...and most definitely worth being in your respective collections! Smile

On a secondary note, anyone is free to PM me for said albums I review if they find themselves intrigued by what I say or what they hear.[/SIZE]

[SIZE="5"]10+ AOR Guidepost Reviews[/SIZE]


[CENTER]10. Phenomena - S/T (1984)

9. Magnum - On A Storyteller's Night (1985)

8. FM - Tough It Out (1989)

]7. Dan Reed Network - S/T (1988)[/URL]

]6. Tim Feehan - S/T (1987)[/URL]

]5. Asia - S/T (1982)[/URL]

]4. Journey - Raised On Radio (1986)[/URL]

]3. Saga - World's Apart (1981)[/URL]

2. Dare - Out Of The Silence (1988)

[B]1. Strangeways - Native Sons (1987)[/SIZE][/B
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