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Derek and The Dominoes- Layla

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Derek and The Dominoes- Layla Empty Derek and The Dominoes- Layla

Post by Mr007 on Thu Feb 17, 2011 4:06 pm

Derek and The Dominoes- Layla

Alright here we go

I bought this album in hopes of getting an easily accessible way into the blues. It had been recommended by my guitar instructor, and the music store buy, even though I was more Inclined to get Muddy Waters or the blues compilation from the 1920's onward. But I purchased this anyways. I put this on the record player and much to my dismay, I found a soulless blues record, I could understand Clapton's ruminations over his love troubles, but it was the music, It sounded like mechanical blues to me, it had been done, it was thoughtless, the lyrics, however were amazing . The good parts come in the form of drumming and bass, not guitar, as many would expect from Clapton, though I suggest you look at Jeff Beck. However the album was not a total waste of my money at the tender age of 10, for It led me to download Ginger Bakers Air force, and Blind Faith, Which the former produced some of the chillest Blues Jazz i had ever heard, and the latter producing good Blues by Clapton, although a hideous album cover, that still disturbs me to this day.

rating 4/10

Read more: http://www.musicbanter.com/album-reviews/26887-derek-dominoes-layla-lyrics-blues-jazz-album.html#ixzz1EClqBjiN
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