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Post by Mr007 on Wed Dec 29, 2010 10:55 pm


Colin McRae Dirt2 Video2

A little bit about the reviewer
I'm an avid Gamer, I use The PS3 Console, PSP System, and My PC. I like a variety of games, Racing being my preferred Genre. I sometimes feel compelled for whatever reason to write reviews on games, sometimes I don't even know why. When I do they are all my opinions, I will try to give as much info as I can, but please always keep in mind the info is mixed with my opinions. I don't work for Sony, or ANY game developer. I will always try to give as much info as possible, so you can hopefully judge for yourself.

The Review

Intro to the Game
Dirt2 is the PSP edition to the Big Boy Console release from Codemaster. The game is a Baja / Rally Style game. Its not too far into either style. I thought the game at first was a big upset, there was just no getting around the "Rubber Banding" AI or poor driving physics. After spending enough time to get as much as I could out of the game to write a review. In the process I beat it. Whenever my first impressions are bad, I try to give the game some more time anyways to see if there is something better to come or if I'm just not playing it right.

My first intentions were to trash the game as I was overly upset. However nearing the end a shining light began to emerge. unfortunately I didn't fall in love with it, but merely began to appreciate the game enough to enjoy it. (keep reading to find out more...)

The Grafix
I have to say the grafix in the game are pretty good. No the detail is not as refined as GT PSP, but they do a good job with some nice details. The Track sides look great and have allot of details to look at as you race on by. The Track itself could use come improving, however most of the details are nice.

Colin McRae Dirt2 Snap0013-7

Cars Get dirtier the more you toss them around the dirty track. "Dirt" was a great name. The cars will also have visible damage, its not much, just bent up body panels, but its a nice touch.

Colin McRae Dirt2 Snap0018-4

The 3D Engine feels solid, but it gets a tad choppy during replays. Ive also seen different things in the replay that didn't happen in the actual race, thats an odd one. Over all though it looks good while your your driving. It takes a bit of practice, but once your far enough into the game so that the AI cars can actually give you a race, but its fun when they finally do.

Colin McRae Dirt2 Snap0016-6

Driving Physics
Here is where I have my gripes, and at first this almost caused me to be rather harsh on the game. The driving physics are poor in my opinion. While after enough practice the cars are controllable and you can run nice laps. It has real lack of depth to the "Dirt" racing aspect. The physics give the vehicles WAY too much grip, so much that getting sideways is next to impossible except with the Trucks And Buggies who seem to slide too much O_o. There is not much rally "Drifting" in Dirt2. Then there is the flipping cars. Cars will flip all over the place then self-right themselves. I'm talking seriously flipping all over the place with very odd physics. It takes quite a bit away from the game overall. With allot of practice its controllable but the odd wrong bump, or terrain hit, and its enough to make you mad. It doesn't stop there. If you stray too far off track (not far at all) you Will quickly disappear then reappear center of the track, usually ahead of where you went off track. This makes for easily getting back into the race, a little too easy. Track Side objects are solid no matter what they are, this feels odd when something that should smash apart.

Video 1 Displaying the Odd Driving Dynamics

My overall opinion on the Driving physics in Dirt2, is that they SUCK, but the game can still be enjoyable despite all the flaws in the Physics. Once you get enough practice and get the hang of how to control the cars the harder races in the Pro Tour are quite fun.

Video 2 Showing what the game looks like when you give the game a chance

Cars / Acquiring cars / Modifying cars

The cars
Dirt2 has RWD Rally Cars / AWD Rally Cars / Baja Style Buggies & Trucks. 13 in total, so it goes without saying the car list is small... The cars have good details and look the part.

Video 3 Displaying the full car list/World Tour Menus/Challenges

Acquiring Cars
Cars are unlocked as you progress in the World Tour Mode. you start off with a few choices before each race. (As seen in Video 2) The type of vehicle (buggie, truck, rally car) depends on the event you enter. The further you progress in the World Tour the more cars are available to choose from before the event at hand.

Modifying cars
There is no real modifying of the car, except that as you progress you will unlock different Body Kits / *Liveries* You select what you want to use when you choose your car before an event. (As seen in Video 2) The *Liveries* are specific to the Body kit you choose. There is no tuning of the cars in any way. I haven't noticed any performance differences between the body kits as far as how the cars perform.

(*Liveries*, I'm getting more and more educated Wink )

Track's / Environment
The game has a very limited number of track. Most of the tracks are boring to drive while nice to look at, a handful of they are fun and engaging. There is quite a bit of detail but still with a "Game" feel to it. it looks good as far as the track side details. It looks good, EXCEPT the track surface. The surfaces don't looks that great at all in my opinion, boxy and very peculated. Even though cars do leave tread marks that look alright.(not permanently) The over all track surfaces could of used a tad of improving.

After each race you can watch the replay of the race. You don't have the ability to save the replays. The replays look alright until you see some of the horrible physics being displayed, then you just want to forget about them. There are some Nice camera angles during some of the few jumps in the World Tour mode, but overall they are not too exciting.

Game Modes

Single Player
Single player consist of 3 Modes, World Tour, Arcade Mode, & Challenges. There is defiantly enough in the game to keep you busy. Its full of content in each mode.

World Tour
The main mode, the career mode, the World Tour! This consist of 4 Devisions uiryeeueyueyueyruey, They each have 4 subdivisions. Each subdivision has 2 to 4 races, but in the end each devision has 10 races. With 4 devisions that makes for 40 races to complete the World Tour.

Colin McRae Dirt2 Snap0009-7

Arcade Mode

Single Race
Pick a track/track options, grab a car, and go racing! This is the quickest way to jump in the game for a good race. The AI tends to be a step above the AI you ply in the World Tour, this is good.

Amateur, Pro-Am, Or Go Pro. Pick a track, grab a car, and go racing! In a 5 race points championship.

Time Trial
Pick a track, grab a car, set the fastest lap you can. Need I say more?

One of the most fun aspects of the game is the Jumping challenge. While there are 5 Different types of challenges & 4 difficulty levels of each, the Air Time challenge to me is the most fun. There are Air Time, Trailblazer, Gatecrasher, Power slide, & Last Man Standing to choose from.

The cool thing about the Arcade Mode is that the races are more competitive then the World Tour. In World Tour you really need to be in the final races to get any competition, where as the Arcade keeps the races relatively fun.

Multiplayer is limited to Ad-hoc, however there is the "Game Sharing" option so the people playing don't all need to have a copy of the game. There may be online capabilities through 3rd party software, but my reviews only speak to things found in the game. Multiplayer is always great when you have somebody to play with, but does little when you don't.It could of used direct online support.

AI & Rubber Banding
Rubber banding is a term used to describe "Catch up" engines running in racing games. Different developers go about it in different ways, but the end results are usually similar or the same. When the user gets too far behind, hes able to go faster/gets magic boost/super grip or whatever in order to catch up with the pack. The AI will also be given these powers to catch up with the User if the User gets too far away. The RB engine in Dirt2 is STRONG, & quite ridiculous, you can literally wait at the line for over 10sec and catch up with everybody usually before the end of lap 2.

The RB does calm down near the end of the World Tour, thankfully the AI gets a little more ability and can actually give you a race (although its never too hard)

The heavy RB in the beginning f the game was a real gripe of mine, its one of the reasons I almost gave up on this game before really getting to know it. Thankfully near the end, its much easier to deal with and is not near as strong as in the beginning of the World Tour.

Menus Navigation /Sounds / Music
The menus are in a 3d environment that moves around as you select different options. I think the menus are not very good, they remind me of 3d out of a PS1 game. the music in the menu and during the race/replay are very rap, not to my liking at all, and upsetting that there is no option to play music off my memorystick as its becoming more and more available in PSP titles. The menu sounds are not so great either, but they still get the Job done. More time is spent in a race anyways so its not that big a deal what the menus look or sound like.

Conclusion & My Overall Impression
Overall I liked the game, and have found enjoyment in it, despite my mentioned gripes and issues, it is enjoyable once yo get the hang of it. Its not a game I will get hooked on, or spend much time playing after a few weeks. I would recommend buying this game until the price drops a bit unless your a Die Hard Dirt racing fan, and must have it. For the average user when the price drops its a great game to add to your collection...


I will be adding Ratings to my reviews, I'm working to improve the categories etc, so any suggestions are welcome.

Rac3rX Drit2 Game Ratings

Grafix 7/10

Driving Dynamics 6/10

Game Content 8/10

Look & Feel 6/10

How Much Do I Like The Game 7/10

Overall Game Rating Score 6.8/10

Here are some Screenshots for a idea of how the game looks.

Colin McRae Dirt2 Snap0012-8

Colin McRae Dirt2 Snap0019-2

Colin McRae Dirt2 Screen3

Colin McRae Dirt2 Screen1

Colin McRae Dirt2 Screen5

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