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Beyblade: V-Force - GBA

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 Beyblade: V-Force - GBA  Empty Beyblade: V-Force - GBA

Post by Mr007 on Tue Dec 28, 2010 6:41 am

[SIZE="3"]Beyblade: V-Force – GBA[/SIZE]

 Beyblade: V-Force - GBA  14xl2s9

It isn't often a good game about spinning tops comes around. This is a good game about spinning tops... but it is deeper. THERE ARE POWER UPS! But seriously, it is a decent enough game. Now, in this review – I want no arguments. So just say what you think of it – then back away. We all know the tragedy of the Scarface review... Harsh times. Well, enough chit-chat about nothing, lets begin the review.


Okay – this game is pretty average, but I loved it! It is as repetitive as repetitive can be. For some reason, I was addicted. A shame, really. I could have used my time doing other things. From my point of view – it was amazing, from somebody else's point of view – it is complete turd. You launch your Bey, by timing your button pressing just right when the bar is near its fullest peak. This is easy. Then you just get to the specified area by balancing on ledges, jumping up walls, and the usual stuff. It is garbage – for some reason, however, I just kept coming back. I keep repeating myself, right? Right? Right? That is basically the gameplay – oh, and you collect shiny crystals to unlock new Beys.

 Beyblade: V-Force - GBA  Rau986

[SIZE="2"]Story Mode:[/SIZE]

The story mode is the story of the V-Force season of Beyblades. It shows pictures, then text, then pictures then text. Basically – the story is mash A through a load of pictures until you get to play. Once you play – then it has nothing to do with the story. Square tiles is the ground, if your lucky – RAMPS! - then just cruise through it with no fun involved – unless your me. So, I assume everybody who watches anime has at least seen an episode of V-Force, since it is the second best of four Beyblade seasons, including that thing called Metal Fight – well, sometimes the levels have logic to them – like the Boss battles, but besides that – utter turd. I have no idea what to say about this story mode – as it is garbage, end of.

Now... what can I say about this game? Hmm... *deep thinking*


For a GBA game – the graphics aren't too shabby. However, pixelly is an understatement. Graphics for GBA games have probably got a lot better since this games release, however, it is a contender. If it had better graphics, it would probably still be the same. If it had Crysis graphics, and you could walk around, and it is realistic, then it would be better... Unfortunately for me, that “Crysis-graphics + RPG + Beyblade = Awesome” plan never happened. I am still hoping for it one day. Well, defining games on graphics alone is wrong, but however, it is necessary to mention.

[SIZE="2"]Controlling the Bey:[/SIZE]

Sometimes, the controlling goes weird. You end up pushing left and going diagonal. It is annoying, but more to the point – oh, wait... I was going to say annoying. So, your on a hard level – (believe it or not, in a BEYBLADE game, there are hard levels) – and you push left and go off the edge. Trust me, it is something to cry over. Well...

 Beyblade: V-Force - GBA  Eamn3b


It is a decent game, but it has a large number of flaws, and lack of a real story, or rather, doesn't use the story in levels. So, I will give this game a...


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