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Knights of the Old Republic - XBOX - PC

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 Knights of the Old Republic - XBOX - PC  Empty Knights of the Old Republic - XBOX - PC

Post by Mr007 on Tue Dec 28, 2010 6:40 am

[SIZE="5"]Knights of the Old Republic (July 2003)[/SIZE]

 Knights of the Old Republic - XBOX - PC  Kotorbox

Well first of all let's skip the introduction and just say that this game IS TRULY AWESOME, yes sir it is.

Now we go into the introduction.

(This story revolves around two former jedi's Malak and Revan who plan to take over the galaxy...further more info will be revealed if you play the game)

Well the story basically begins where you wake up in a ship, only to find that it's about to be blown to smithereens, luckily there is a person there who's able to help you, you're still sort of lost in terms of memory, of how you got there etc...so throughout this leg of the game you learn all the basic hoo ha, such as equipping weapons, taking items, melee fighting, using lasers, shields and how to use the action button efficiently.

This game gave me the impression that it was going to be dull as hell. This is just judging from the package. Until I started to get used to it, and got the feel for the game.

You play entirely from a third person view. The controls for the game at this point wasn't so bad from the get go, since it was a bit dodgy at first getting used to it (or maybe I just suck at the controls), however the controls were, I think it wrapped nicely.

You travel throughout the galaxy after further revelations of the game, and you make cool awesome friends along the way each with their own unique style set of skills that will help you in anything depending on the situation.

I LOVED the fighting system in this game since it was easy to use, and all you needed was to get used to switching from the Analog stick to the D-Pad, which wasn't too hard...

 Knights of the Old Republic - XBOX - PC  Star_wars_knights_of_the_old_republic_image20

What I thought was epic, was finding out that the character did have some instances of the force, in which you were able to train as a Jedi. This leg of the game is where you are able to train in the ways of the jedi and be fully functional within the arts and be able to just let your lightsaber fly, with cool action packed abilites to learn and some kick butt missions to go with it.

I also loved the storyline of the game, this game has one of the best game storylines EVER, because it all links at the end, and it just flows seemlessly.

However the most epic part has to be THE REVELATION or the PLOT TWIST of the game, that will have you saying "WTF ARE YOU FOR REAL".

The only way you find out is by actually playing the game, words can't describ...*faints*

 Knights of the Old Republic - XBOX - PC  Starwars_kotor_image5

So in conclusion, this game is definitely a MUST buy, definitely one of the best, IF NOT the best game in the star wars series. I loved the graphics of the game (for it's time of course), I loved how the character each had their own uniqueness to them and were always up for a chat. There were a TON of side missions to do, in case you felt you didn't have anything to do. The voice acting was excellent, there were no faults there, and the storyline like I said was brilliant, excellent fighting sequences. I LOVED the scenery of the areas, such as the undergrowth in Kashyyk or the underwater areas in Manaan.

The only issue I reckon people won't be bothered with, is the immensely long dialogue that comes a long with it. There is no such thing as small talk in this game as the dialogue seems to drag on.

Besides that, this game is pure gold. If I lost a copy of this game I'd go out and buy it, so go out and buy it NOW Smile

Remember there are always TWO sides to every story Smile

 Knights of the Old Republic - XBOX - PC  Img_19

Rate: 10/10 [/SIZE]

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